In today's markets you must have  -   REAL Education  and - REAL Trading Strategies
There is NO way around this when it comes to any trading especially Fx.
Your strategies  MUST work and be above 70% success rate  or you are doomed to failure and will give away every hard earned cent you ever started out with. Do you think Brokers like  me ?  Of course not ! I choose to stand alone and have had an account closed, the reason given   I was deemed to be- "too big of a trading risk" were they genuine operators? Most definitely not, but still around today .
Someone who is brilliant at reading a script  has no idea what trading is really like and how to help you.
Whatever your financial goal is, simply  just take a minute to review  previous years trade results, which i list,  allow me to help you in a structured learning process designed to teach you everything you need to know, to not only survive, but to become successful and make money.
For those of you who want the best advantage possible , I am very passionate  about trading and what I offer, my sole purpose in these Courses is  to give you the maximum insight and understanding possible to move forward.
The  - One on One - Face to Face Course I conduct  from where I live and work, it is the very best opportunity you will ever have to reach your financial goals!
The majority of us are average people looking for that extra income to give us flexibility in our lives,  I have tailored around what I do to cater for the average person to understand and successfully work with.
Guess what ? - There are no real gurus in my opinion, just a small percentage of us have managed to break through the barriers and more importantly the perceived notions and brain washing by Institutions and Banks that if you earn more than 6% return a year you are doomed,  its high risk, you will lose everything ! And so the garbage goes on.
I do not buy this and nor should you settle for one sided advice as to  what you should only be able to achieve.
My  sole aim and goal with the education I provide  is  designed to offer you the opportunity of becoming a successful trader , one that is profitable, and can make it your profession and whether it be simply work from home or maybe move to the Seychelles or Mauritius as full time professional trader which is the very best location time wise to trade  from,  it is however firstly up to you to make that step forward,possibly outside of your comfort zone , when you do, the goals will follow. 

           Again we see January  Results kick 2020 off to a flying start.

The first 4 months of the year are the best and easiest trading, make the most of them.
The results of 2019 using my strategies  again saw sound results  . We saw January out perform other years.  I fail to understand how those who wish to trade either waste years or thousands of Dollars first trying to develop a useful strategy  instead of seeking professional help . Why  let these opportunities slip by year after year. Take advantage of my expertise rather than  the “maybe next year"  or whatever excuse may be holding you back as you consider the decision - Do I  wish to make a positive change  or not? 
For those who want to Trade  Forex Professionally,  the fact is, trading is a business, you have to treat it like one, have respect for it, have rules you operate by, and be prepared that sometimes business may be booming and sometimes not breaking even, these are the true dynamics of trading to which we all must become accustomed to . My sole aim with my education or mentor-ship is to provide you with REAL content drawn from REAL experience and passed onto you PERSONALLY to avoid the pitfalls the loosing 90% of traders unfortunately fall into.
At no stage do I consider trading a get rich quick scheme or a walk in the park because it is NOT, it does involve effort and mental discipline, the reward at the end however is achieving something most will never get to experience, and my aim is to help you taste that experience.
I take people out of what they know and into what they don't know, I help them to make the necessary changes in their life to a place where they have only visualized being.

                                   Moving forward into 2020
Let me ask you a few questions .
Honestly why would you choose me over the myriads of trading educators to help move forward in the business of Trading for a second income or a living?

I make no fancy claims to be - an academy, an institute, the biggest , the No1 in the world , fastest growing in the world, taught half the world to trade, there are no pics of me getting in that private jet, relaxing out on the yacht trading on a lap top, attempting to appear to associate myself with high profile people, I don't try to tell you  trading is a walk in the park, its not work, it's just all fun and giggles,  spend a few minutes a day with a laptop by the pool or down the beach or at the coffee shop and the money rolls in,  show you  images of everyone laughing and joking whilst supposedly learning to trade and having a party. Goodness It almost makes me want to rush out and receive education from one of these gurus myself!
Have I  missed something I wonder, as the above is all we see now - however  maybe I just take trading seriously, or  could it  be worse than that and simply be -  I forgot to watch  the short you- tube video clip on  "How To Scam People"  type it in and check it out it, it  covers all the scammers perfectly.

I enjoy thoroughly what I do as far as trading goes and the educational side is my way of helping you to reach some degree of financial freedom for yourself, I have worked extremely hard to get where I am, there is no magical logarithms,  no degrees behind my name, no hedge fund attached, no broker alliances, there are no props to create the illusion of grandeur, I  DO NOT  NEED THEM to achieve success, I know trading and people inside out and rather take a low key approach in the world of massive egos and fanciful claims.

I believe most people have now woken up to the fact that as soon as you hear or see any of this above its time to walk - no run, as far as possible as it inevitably turns into a scam at some point, nothing more nothing less.
Most people normally will have a go at trading before seeking help so let me ask you .

1 : Have you had enough of giving back to the market what you make and more?
2:  Would you like to understand how the Market is controlled by the Market Makers, Liquidity Providers? It is NOT a random market  , and  why you always end up  failing 2 times out of 3 ?
3: Is it possible to work against Brokers and Liquidity Providers
4: Why has all education suddenly  become FREE and online  . Is there a catch and how do they really get paid?

        By now  your hard earned money has  dissapeared  and reality bites .

You realize now you get what you pay for and are now ready  for realistic genuine strategies that work ,  can easily be followed, that make money consistently over time, without all the GIMMICKS  and back pocket alliances, it's time to set about making a positive change with my help today.
Successful Trading
                And your journey starts now-
Forex Mentor and Trader Mark Hills with 22 Years of Trading experience Brisbane Sydney Melbourne.
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WATCH  MARK working through the results and filter losing trades in an overview of the PT3 Indicator Tool he developed for this strategy he uses on Fx,Futures,Stocks and long range targets on Indexes .

This strategy used on a 6 month chart of the Dow Jones combined with the extension rules of 50 & 100% predicted the top of the Dow to hit 26600 when it was at 15500 at the start of 2013. At a time when the powers that be said the Dow could not get past where it was for years.Charts ALWAYS tell the true story if you have the right way to use them. This formation when technically correct has worked the very same right back to the crash of 1929.
   The link below will take you to a short video of the Indicator .


With the introduction of the Micro Emini Futures contract in May this year traders have been given a chance to trade a very lucrative instrument as well as FX.

Are you left to flounder after the Course is complete?

Definitely not, as well as the 3 month follow up support, the very best follow up included, is, for the first 4 weeks after Course completion, I produce and  send out a weekly overview video rundown of the trades presented, also if there is difficult trade scenarios arising I video live trades taken & stepped through day by day  with my  handling procedure whilst they are live.These videos are extremely useful in your journey forward and highly commended by students.
REAL content drawn from
REAL experience
                taught to you
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