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       Have you reached the point where you  give back  all you have made and more ?
  Would you like to learn what the market makers and liquidity providers would prefer you never knew existed  ?               
               If the answer is yes.. read on and please look at the results for 2016 .

   The volatility is increasing  .The trades i teach   returned over 15,000 points + for 2016 . . This has been a brilliant year with 2017 now upon us the volatility should increase as we see more instability in the world of finance which is not comforting however it provides opportunities for those who know how to use and make money from them .

We are now in the end of decade volatility blowout cycle where money is far easier to attain from trading than the previous 5 years, now is the time to act if trading is your  desire, ambition or passion and you are seeking to break  the financial merry go round or daily grind then NOW  is the very time you should act.
Yes you may say this sounds like a great sales pitch however this  is exactly how it is - I  continually get people come to me after they have lost considerable amounts of money trying to learn to trade on their own accord, in poor volatile times or spent thousands on worthless indicator based systems, maybe 1% of people may get there on their own merrits and even those i guarantee are going to make some substantial losses and take a number of years in the process..
     Unfortunately without a suitable mentor that is actually a "trader" there is no quick fix, it takes years of experience to reach the level i am on.Why not afford yourself the opportunity to take the frustration and guess work out of trading and make  money while it is on offer? As you work with my strategies you will quickly realize the cost of my services are minimal compared to the financial returns  that maybe derived from trading.  Also you will come to realize why i have had trading accounts closed because i was labeled "To Big of a Trading Risk" .I conduct the course personally and from my own home so yes you know exactly where i live, i don't have the need to hide behind locked office doors or web cameras.
  The  strategy i have developed initially for the Pro Trader has now taken on a major integral part of my trading, this strategy along with a trade extension rule adding  50 or 100% to a pre set  target distance is  one of the most significant and powerful formation tools i have ever developed which has 0 subjectivity to it and  works on any time frame being just as accurate and powerful. An extreme  example being at the end of 1995 it gave a target for the ASX on a YEARLY Chart of 6500 and even more staggering at the same time a target for the Dow Jones of 17,000 when it was at 6500, who back then would have ever thought that possible ? This is an extremely powerful tool when it can be used on Stocks, Commodities as well as Fx.  If you think or believe this can not be done then you are missing what i derive from a simple unadulterated chart  .I see so many fund managers bumble through the year making returns of less than 10% who are called Gods of the Investment Industry, I  shake my head in disbelief that they really have no solid trading strategies with the power and functionality the  Pro Trader3 encompasss.  NO Managed Fund wants you to be able to make more money than them, the Banks brain wash to great lengths that Bank Interest is the only safe income return, the scary part is, too many people actually believe fall for their self centred prophecies and believe that to be the case and are afraid that if they make more than that, which to me is  really a waste of time, something bad is going to come and get you...The only bad thing coming, is, you having to work in a boring job or for less than you know you should be able to make, and that is exactly where the powerful Money Cartels such as The Federal Reserve and World Governments are hell bent on keeping you ..Do you want to break that cycle? Do you really want to break that cycle , well i can show exactly how..

Do you know? Successful Traders spend -
about 90% of their time on pshchology and money management and
about 10% of their time on finding new trades and the mechanics of trading.
So New and struggling traders spend most of their time finding new trades and the mechanics of trading.
While successful traders spend most of their time on psychology and very little time on the mechanics of trading.
This is exactly what happens and takes years to get past without proper guidance.

Forex Mentor and Trader  with 19 years of Trading  Experience
Brisbane , Australia
Mark Hills
Ph:      0438 877 132
                                                                                         Forex Trading Professionally.
I have worked hard to get where I am, there is no magical alogarithm or answer to trading, no degrees behind my name, no hedge fund attached, no broker alliances, there are no props to create the illusion of grandeur, however I know trading and people inside out and rather take a low key approach in the world of massive egos and fanciful claims. There are no real gurus, just a small percentage of us have managed to break through the barriers and perceived notions of assessing charts, now trading and allowing us to create wealth more  consistently and with sustainable returns than most will ever experience. As you read through my website you will agree there is a very definite advantage sourcing the right expertise to guide you through the minefield, with that comes the financial rewards we all desire.
Further to that is navigating the Market Maker /Liquidity Provider graveyard and how the market is worked by them to keep it liquid. If you do not know this then you are at their mercy as they run a multibillion dollar  industry with the most sophisticated tools. The biggest advantage you can give them is trade what everybody else knows as well.Most of the time they produce most of the so called must know ways to trade , so they can move the market against the 90% of loosing traders using the common known arsenal with ease to keep that 90% floundering until they eventually drown . I trade when the time is right and when they  must move the market  to its target. For those who think the market is a random walk i wish you the very best of luck as it is far from that .You have to be in tune with the power or you end up in the Market Maker Graveyard. end of story R.I.P.
Once again most scam seminar salesmen would hope no one ever knew this or found out  the market was controlled as they themselves have no idea how to deal with it, let alone apply a strategy that will keep you safe, this is why only an elite group of traders  exist and the failure rate which is common knowledge is what it is .

  I Deliver a Forex Education and Mentorship that i am proud to offer and i know is second to none.

For those who want to Trade Professionally the reality of trading the Fx market is :- trading is a business, you have to treat it like one, have respect for it, have rules you operate by, and be prepared that sometimes business may be booming and sometimes not breaking even, these are the true dynamics of trading to which we all must become accustomed to . My sole aim with my education or mentorship is to provide you with REAL content drawn from REAL experience and passed onto you PERSONALLY to avoid the pitfalls the loosing 90% of traders unfortunately fall into. At no stage do I consider trading a get rich quick scheme or a walk in the park because it is NOT, it does involve effort and mental discipline, the reward at the end is achieving something most will never get to experience, and my aim is to help you taste that experience.

Give up your Day job or double your income.

I am proud to introduce these 3 Modules.

Pro Scalper123- For a more interactive approach in the market daily.

Pro Trader 3- For a more interactive approach in the market daily.

Home Study Manual - This is based on the 2 Day Full Coursse and  has taken many hours of preparation with over 50 pages of charts accompanying for reference.

   For More details find these under the 'COURSES " tab above.

  Seminar 2017
This year i am considering  holding a seminar over 2 Days at a reduced cost to the 1 on 1 Course i conduct  for those who would like to trade but can  not afford the 1 on 1 alternative.For further details or to register for this which will be May June  please contact me at