Have you reached the point where you give back all you have made and more?
  Would you like to understand what the Market Makers, Liquidity Providers and Brokers would prefer you never knew, how to  benefit from it and where that leaves you as a retail trader?

Or are you finally over the scams from Broker sponsored fronts and mass educators in the social media blitz, using a blatant lie,expecting you to believe them and gain your trust when they promise to make you a millionaire and give you financial freedom overnight, and all for zip,yes,totally FREE from the latest NO 1 world something.
                        REALLY !!   
If any answer is yes, then make a positive change today.

Take a minute to review my previous years trade results, further to that, your journey of learning with me is by - ONE on ONE -face to face, right from where I live and work, it is the ONLY way you will ever reach your goals!

                January Results kick 2019 to a flying start.

The results of 2018 using my strategies  made it a brilliant year and has again saw sound results for the first half of 2019 . We have already seen January out perform other years.  You should not let these opportunities slip by year after year. take advantage of my expertise rather than  the “maybe next year “ or whatever excuse may be holding you back as you consider the decision - Do I  wish to make a positive change  or not? 
I enjoy thoroughly what i do as far as trading goes and the educational side is my way of helping you to reach some degree of financial freedom for yourself,
I have worked extremely hard to get where I am, there is no magical logarithms,  no degrees behind my name, no hedge fund attached, no broker alliances, there are no props to create the illusion of grandeur, I  DO NOT  AND YOU DO NOT NEED THEM to achieve success, I know trading and people inside out and rather take a low key approach in the world of massive egos and fanciful claims. Facebook and social media have a new World No 1 of something every week coming out of the woodwork to try and coherse the unsuspecting onboard ,they promise you to do it all for FREE, in other words they use the gimmick of a lie to trick you into giving them your trust, Just how does that really work ?
Guess what ? - There are no real gurus, just a small percentage of us have managed to break through the barriers and perceived notions of what you should only be able to achieve allowing us to create wealth more consistently  than most will ever experience.

For those who want to Trade  Forex Professionally
there are no secret codes, deep secret workings behind the scenes of the banks exposed, the fact is trading is a business,you have to treat it like one, have respect for it, have rules you operate by, and be prepared that sometimes business may be booming and sometimes not breaking even, these are the true dynamics of trading to which we all must become accustomed to . My sole aim with my education or mentorship is to provide you with REAL content drawn from REAL experience and passed onto you PERSONALLY to avoid the pitfalls the loosing 90% of traders unfortunately fall into. At no stage do I consider trading a get rich quick scheme or a walk in the park because it is NOT, it does involve effort and mental discipline, the reward at the end however is achieving something most will never get to experience, and my aim is to help you taste that experience.
I take people out of what they know and into what they don't know, I help them to make the necessary changes in their life to a place where they have only visualized being.
  What I offer is not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme"
I am about growing wealth at a level far above the suggested normal using the knowledge i have learned to reduce risk in what is regarded a high risk profession.

As we see the end of the decade draw nearer, the increase in volatility should start to return to the markets as it has done over the past decades.
What does this mean for you as a trader?

For 2 to 3 years every decade we see rampant volatility take over the markets, this is where fortunes are made and lost.
The Fx Market has almost ground to a halt from lack of volatility .




And  Your Journey Starts Now !
    # FX & FuturesTradingCourse - AUFXPRO
Trading  excellence and the insight you need .
Forex Mentor and Trader  with 21 years of Trading  Experience
Brisbane & Toorak Melbourne Australia
Successful Trading
   Specifically designed to give those who can not attend 1 on 1 the same learning experience as sitting with me in my office.

WATCH  MARK working through the results and an overview of the PT3 Indicator Tool he developed for this strategy he uses on Fx,Futures,Stocks and long range targets on Indexes .
This strategy used on a 6 month chart of the Dow Jones combined with the extension rules of 50 & 100% predicted the top of the Dow to hit 26600 when it was at 15500 at the start of 2013. At a time when the powers that be said the Dow could not get past where it was for years.Charts ALWAYS tell the true story if you have the right way to use them. This formation when technically correct has worked the very same right back to the crash of 1929.
   The link below will take you to a short video of the Indicator .